Using Custom Patches With Your Business or Organization

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When you are looking for an effective way to identify your staff, enhance your brand awareness and keep cost down then custom patches can be a good looking way to create the right look for your organization. They are popular with businesses, sports clubs, service organizations and groups so choosing the right patch and the best company to make them for you is a must.

Patch History

Patches have a long history with many royal houses using them as ways of denoting membership and identifying rank. This gradually moved to the military and can be seen in all military organizations around the world where they are used to identify rank, unit and service length. Many ancillary groups such as emergency services, government organizations and specialist services groups also use patches to identify themselves.

Attaching Patches

While having a patch sewn on to various parts of a uniform or standard clothing is still the most common way of attaching custom patches there are alternatives. This includes iron on patches that are manufactured with a backing that melts the patch to the site it is placed on making it simple to attach. Velcro is becoming increasingly popular as it allows custom patches to be removed when the item of clothing is washed or when a person is not working.

Patch Costs

Modern production methods including fully programmable computerized embroidery machines have reduced costs and time from ordering to delivery. Setting up the machinery is a fixed cost and so many companies either use a sliding scale that makes a patch cheaper when ordered in quantity or charge a setup fee then a lower per piece charge.

The three main costs of manufacture directly relate the size of the patch, the complexity of design and the amount of different colors involves. In all cases an increase in any of these areas will mean an increase in the cost per patch.

Fully Customizable

The latest technology and materials available to custom patch making companies means that a patch can design is only limited by your imagination. Multiple colors, intricate graphics and exact copies or company or organization logo’s are all possible. Small changes such as varying the background color or part of the patches script can easily be accomplished allowing a common design to be customized for different areas.