Understanding the Options When Choosing Custom Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

You will see them everywhere today and the popularity of custom lapel pins make them the ideal way to celebrate a special day, a major achievement or to build interest in your business’s or organization’s logo. There are many different styles and types of pins that you can use so understanding what each type means will make sure you chose the best type for your needs.

  • Custom Die Struck Lapel Pins: These pins have a great classical style that is timeless. They are highly recommended for professional occasions and can be finished in eye catching bronze, silver and gold plating. They look fabulous and appear much more expensive than they actually cost making then a prized memento for those that receive them.
  • Specialty Insert Lapel Pins: When you want a great looking pin that allows you to display a message picture or logo then this flexible style in what you need. The base pin has a variety of shapes and is finished in a gold or bronze for a high quality appearance. The insert can be anything you want so offers complete customizability all in low cost package that does not require high volumes.
  • Low Cost Enamel Lapel Pins: These custom lapel pins are the right choice for great looking high volume situations. They can have multiple colors and are highly visible with a hard wearing coating that ensures that they will look good even if used every day.
  • Premium Cloisonné Lapel Pins: When you are looking for the highest quality then a custom designed cloisonné pin brings a die struck style that is enhanced with the addition of colors and a clear hard wearing coating. They are seen as highly collectable and top end styles are jewelry quality making them an extra special way to celebrate an occasion.

You can see there are excellent custom lapel pins available for every budget and to suit any occasion. They really are an amazingly effective way to mark a special day or event and the ability to customize them so that they truly reflect occasion means that they will never disappoint anyone that is presented one.