Top Tips on Obtaining Quality Lapel Pins at the Right Price

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When you are looking to purchase quality lapel pins to celebrate a special event, help market your business or as a great fundraising opportunity it is important to go about the process in a systematic way to get the best results. Here are some great tips that you can follow to make the whole process easier.

Get Your Pin Idea Finalized

It is important to have your pin design finished and approved before starting the pin making process. Changes are not possible once an order is placed so make sure that everyone involved is in agreement and the person that will be paying the bill is aware of the design and is ready to make payment arrangements.

If you are stuck on design ideas then searching for pictures of lapel pins will return thousands of pins that can serve as inspiration. You can narrow down your styles choices and incorporate your own logo design to create the perfect pin for your needs.

Understand the Different Lapel Pin Types

The different styles of pin available can limit how your pin will look so choosing the right style that matches your design is vital. The lowest cost enamel pins also have the highest ability to reproduce details and colors. Stamped pins have a classic style but do not have the coloring opportunities. When plated with bronze, silver or gold the look impressive and are highly prized by collectors. Cloisonné pins are the top end and combine a stamped style with high temperature baked enamel in a range of colors that produces a fabulous looking pin.

Involve the Pin Company Early

The best way to find out any limitations on design and to make sure that when you place an order everything will proceed smoothly is to choose and work with the quality lapel pin company early in the process. A design that looks great on an enamel pin might not be so good for a stamped pin and they can guide you on the best way to keep your design looking good but also practical. This ensures that when you place the order it will be produced and delivered in the shortest possible time.