Superior Blog | 8/1/2021

5 Ways Lapel Pins Increase Employee Morale

Previously, employees would spend so many years working with a single company. This trend doesn’t exist anymore, so recognizing your employees’ efforts can do a great deal in increasing their motivation.

Depending on your company, you can reward employees with lapel pins for any length of time. Mostly, companies create pins for every five or ten years. This makes employees feel treasured and valued.

Lapel pins are fun accessories and a badge of honor. They come in unique designs, colors, and shapes. Besides boosting employee morale, lapel pins can also be used as promotional tools for <a href="" style={{textDecoration: 'none'}}>indirect advertising.

Boosting employee morale pays off in the long run. It improves their productivity, commitment, and efficiency. Read on to understand the various ways in which lapel pins employee morale!

1. Employees Feel Recognized and Valued

Each employee wants to be recognized for whatever they do in a company. Classy wearable pins can be a great way to show your employees you recognize their efforts. They go a long way in reminding your employees that at least you care about their efforts.

Unlike certificate awards, which easily get thrown under the radar, lapel pins provide a public display. Your employees can wear the pins with the ultimate pride and honor.

Employees feel happier when their bosses make them feel loved. They feel proud and happy knowing they are an essential part of your company.

2. Employee Recognition Adds Satisfaction

Your employees can go wherever they want with their lapel pins. If you are a reputable company, employees take pride in displaying their lapel pins to the public.

Lapel pins are not for recognition only. Anyone who sees these pins can easily recognize employees by their company. The satisfaction that employees get knowing people can actually recognize their status is enormous.

3. Lapel Pins Could be the Reasons Employees Work Harder

For instance, the top salesman will want to uphold his position in the company. They are, therefore, motivated to work harder and smarter.

Junior staff also want to emulate their seniors. They’ll, therefore, work harder to win the top badges in the company; they can only strive for greater numbers.

Employees feel more comfortable serving customers with their achievements visible on the pins. Similarly, customers hold them in high regard as they are aware of their status and achievements. Because clients can trust your employees, your business stands a great chance against its competitors.

Some companies are widely recognized. In such scenarios, employees tend to give everything to win a particular badge.

Also, employees never want to lose these pins. For instance, the best customer representative or salesperson would never want these pins taken from themselves. To ensure that, they put more effort into executing their tasks.

4. Creates Friendly and Healthy Competition

Each employee wants an achievement award. They want to rise and outdo their peers. These achievement awards allow them to pursue friendly competition to earn more rewards.

Also, employees seek to accomplish their tasks for such incentives. While these awards may have no financial value, employees will want to collect as many as possible.

5. Instant Image Appeal

Who doesn’t like elegant accessories on their outfits? It’s hard not to acknowledge that lapel pins look amazing. Their brightness and color match with any fashion. Therefore, employees all over the world adore these accessories. The extra appeal gives your employees more confidence and morale boost.

Ideally, you can use lapel pins to give your employees a bit of color and fun. If your uniforms aren’t so appealing, these pins can add some flair.

The Bottom Line

Employee recognition could be the missing link to propel your business to new heights. Custom lapel pins improve morale, encourage employees, and foster teamwork. With so many unique lapel pins available, you should look to reward your employees to boost their morale.

From monthly achievement rewards to long-term milestone accomplishments, we have so much in store for you. Contact us today to see how we can help create custom lapel pins.