Superior Blog | 9/1/2021

5 Reasons People Love Souvenir Pins

Every occasion is memorable. Whether it’s a corporate event, sporting activity, or travel, people want to pick souvenirs to commemorate.

The use of souvenir pins has evolved over time. They mark important occasions and events. Some people want to take souvenirs home as a reminder. Ideally, it’s something for reminiscing about their fantastic experiences.

People get into gift stores to pick souvenirs. They are collectible art pieces that are used to preserve memories.

Here are some of the reasons people love souvenir pins and how to sell them in your store. Read on!

Souvenir Pins Help Commemorate Events

People love to commemorate special celebrations or events with souvenir pins. When kept well, these pins become treasured items. They are a great way of remembering a unique, remarkable experience.

For special events such as Superbowl, NBA finals, museum visits, commemorative pins come in handy. Lots of people who don’t want to relinquish these excitements use souvenir pins to keep memories alive.

Everyone wants to remember those exciting moments, and tangible items such as souvenir pins come in handy.

Souvenir Pins Represent Culture

Hand-made souvenirs are a distinct representation of culture. People who travel a lot and immerse themselves in different lifestyles find souvenirs the best items to preserve as a reminder of culture. A souvenir pin says a lot about the foreign way of life.

In cultural places like Africa and Asia, there are so many souvenir pins that present their culture. Travelers love to collect them, especially the hand-made, as a way of remembering that culture. Even tourists in the US love to collect those pins to remember the great American culture.

Travelers all over the world want to collect those little pins. Some go a long way of learning the local customs that accompany some souvenirs. They also love them as they represent the artistic work of those artisans who make them.

They Express a Sense a Style

There are different designs and shapes for everybody. Whether they are music, art, or nature enthusiasts, there are so many souvenir pins that make a style statement.

Besides creating a natural appeal, souvenirs also show your social and artistic side. They have the power to express your tastes and preferences. The modern souvenir pins exceptionally portray people’s personalities. People who support a particular activity, let’s say the Yankees or LGBTQ, will pick that match their affiliation.

Also, many people like to show their affiliation or support for a particular group or activity. They wear souvenir pins to show their affiliation with a company, organization, movement, or even culture. Since they are small and can be carried virtually anywhere, people love using souvenirs to put their messages across.

These pins also show accomplishment. For instance, hill climbers or people matching for charity, souvenir pins are great ways to showcase their achievement. They add a unique sense of comfort, pride, and honor.

Many People Love Collections

Pin collecting has always been a hobby for many people, and some people are collectors by nature. They want to purchase and keep as many pins as possible. Most buyers have been collecting souvenir pins, and to them, that’s a lifestyle.

There is a huge variety to choose from, and since they are inexpensive, most collectors don’t mind getting them in numbers.

Souvenir Pins are Great Marketing Tools

Custom designs that incorporate company emblems and logs act as indirect advertising tools. A subtle pin can be a great tool to boost brand recognition. Some people may opt to create pins that promote their brand message.

The best thing about souvenir pins is that they are simple and can send a great message. They draw the attention of potential customers every time someone wears them. People use them to market business, events like charity, or fundraising.

Some brands give customers pins after buying a particular product. They create pins with a small yet powerful message. By wearing that pin, they market your brand. This creates awareness and makes your business popular among the people.

Tips for Selling Souvenir Pins

The souvenir pin industry has become lucrative. According to the First Research, US souvenir shops rake revenue of about $18 billion.

Since many people love souvenir pins, knowing how to sell them is critical. Buyers want creative, meaningful souvenirs that create memorabilia. They can last a lifetime, creating the memories of your travels, events, and worthy-remembering moments.

Here are some handy tips to help you when selling souvenir pins;

Consider the Costs

It’s essential to find the right price for your souvenirs. The price tag can influence the number of souvenirs that buyers pick from your store. Most buyers love to collect numerous souvenirs, and with a reasonable price tag, you can sell as many as possible.

Typically, most souvenir pins range between $8-12. To ensure you aren’t overpricing, ensure you stay within this range. Unless you are selling high-end souvenirs such as those made of Gold and Silver, try to maintain a fair price.

Hiking your prices might translate to low sales. Research competitor prices so you don’t end up overcharging your customers.

Set Up an eCommerce Platform

An eCommerce store can help you sell more souvenir pins. With a good online presence, you can reach a wider audience. It’s a more convenient, cost-friendly way that can enable you to sell more souvenirs.

Buyers from all over the country and even the world can order souvenirs with a few clicks. An online store creates a seamless experience as buyers don’t have to visit your store physically. Also, it makes work easier as you can include all product details and leave them to choose their favorite pins.

Consider the Origin of the Souvenirs

The source of your souvenirs can be a significant turning point in your business. If you are outsourcing from artisans or other dealers, it’s best to ensure they are trustworthy sources. Not all sell authentic souvenirs; some imitate trendy designs and make their own illegitimate products.

To ensure you acquire the best souvenir pins, ensure you purchase from trusted artisans and dealers. The beauty of souvenirs lies in originality.

Avoid illegitimate sources at all costs. It saves your investment as you avoid buying unoriginal products that customers find unworthy. Before outsourcing, research all the sources keenly.

Understand the Culture Behind Souvenir Pins

One of the best ways to close deals is knowing the culture behind souvenirs. Some products are historic and have a deep culture embedded in them. This info comes in handy when looking to convince buyers that those products have a sense of culture in them.

Different cultures can be confusing. Places like Africa, Asia, and South America can have intriguing cultures that many buyers might not understand. However, it’ll be easier to explain and convert prospects to sales with the right info in mind.

Also, ensure you stock meaningful products. Some souvenirs can be beautiful, but with no meaning behind them, they are worthless.

Consider Quality of the Souvenir

Souvenirs are designed differently. There are those low-quality items that cannot last, and then there are high-quality ones that can serve a lifetime.

Stock high-quality pins that buyers can trust. The best way to retain a great customer base is by offering high-quality products. It helps generate return business, and if you are selling online, they attract good customer ratings and reviews.

Look for Artisans and Collectors

Finding the best souvenir pins can be tricky. However, if you look for artisans or known collectors, you can get some handy products for your shop.

Artisans can design the souvenirs of your choice. They can make whatever size, shape, or materials you want. You can as well partner with artisans so you can pick custom orders from customers and have the pins designed by your artisans. Artisans can also recreate historic pins.

Collectors have so many items in store that you can choose from. However, they tend to be costlier than the ones offered in ordinary shops. It’s, therefore, essential to pick collections that can sell in your store effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

The majority of people love souvenir pins. They create a sense of memorabilia and can create a great experience. It’s best to ensure you sell unique, low-cost products that customers find worthy.

If you are unsure about selling souvenirs, this guide comes in handy. Check out our store for exquisite souvenir pins.