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Superior Custom Pins creates the highest quality lapel pins at the most economical pricing available.

Our soft enamel lapel pins are first struck with a custom die specifically made for your design from high grade iron or copper metals then hand sandblasted to add any necessary effects to the pin the die process cannot create, and then the recessed areas of the pin are filled with vibrantly colored enamel paints. Finally your custom lapel pins are baked and polished to a mirror like finish. Because of the time Superior Custom Pins spends on making each and every one of your pins look perfect these soft enamel pins are the #1 choice for sports pins including baseball trading pins and collector pins.

Order Soft Enamel Pins Now for Delivery In Just 10 days

You don’t have to be a lapel pin expert to order from Superior Custom Pins. We will gladly walk you through every step of the process so you can quickly order the exactly pins you want. If you’re replicating a logo or other pre-defined design, just fax or email it to us. If you need help creating a design, visit our pin gallery to view many of the soft enamel pins we’ve created in the past. From the designs you see there, you can get some wonderful ideas for your own pins.

Within 24-hours, Superior Custom Pins will provide you with an email that contains a 100% true full color proof, so you will have an accurate idea of what the final product will look like and its specifications. You are free to make an unlimited number of changes. Orders are guaranteed to be fully processed and shipped within 10 business days.
What Are the Best Designs for Soft Enamel Lapel Pins?

Because soft enamel pins are die cut, they are best used with designs that have defined and clearly separated colors. You can see samples here. For intricate designs involving gradients or fine details, photographic lapel pins or silk screen lapel pins would work best.

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