When the specifications of your custom pin require details such as the reproduction of registration and trademark symbols silk screen pins display in full color amazing detail very detailed images. Silk screened lapel pins have the ability to allow the images to match right up to the edge of the pin to produce an accurate replication of the desired image.

Superior Custom Pins has many graphic artists available to you so your pin will come out looking exactly as you want with top notch quality. The artists Superior Custom Pins works with will gladly help you with information about what materials and colors will bring out the best in your custom pin, or if you have a digital design that is ready to go email or fax it to us and we will get started on production immediately. 

Superior Custom Pins will provide you with an email that contains a 100% true full color proof, so you will have an accurate idea of what the final product will look like and its specifications. Only once this proof is approved by you will production start. Orders are guaranteed to be fully processed and shipped within 10 business days.


The process of creating silk screen lapel pins is almost identical to that of silk screen t-shirts. A base coat is laid over the pins then – one at a time – each color is pressed through a screen with the help of a roller and allowed to dry. When each color has been applied, a protective coating seals the design and protects it from scratching and fading.