The classic and quality look of a 3D Die Struck lapel pin can never be surpassed. Metal on metal die struck pins give off a very traditional look without the use of color. Die struck pins are without question the most popular pin used as awards and years of service memorabilia used quite often by fraternities, sororities, country clubs and government agencies.

Some clubs or agencies already have a logo or pre-determined design that they would like to see reproduced into a lapel pin or as a base of a pin design. If you do not, don’t worry Superior Custom Pins can help you get started right away or help you finalize some existing ideas you may already have.

Superior Custom Pins will gladly help you through the design process. Start by visiting our pin gallery. You’ll find a wide selection of die struck lapel pins here that we’ve designed in the past. This will help spark some ideas about designs for your own pins. Let us know which of the die struck pins you like and dislike then we’ll create a custom pin just for you.

Within 24-hours, Superior Custom Pins will provide you with an email that contains a 100% true full color proof, so you will have an accurate idea of what the final product will look like and its specifications. You are free to make an unlimited number of changes. Orders are guaranteed to be fully processed and shipped within 10 business days.

DC-Infinite-triange-1-copy Die cast Die Cast3 3D DC-Seed-of-Life-Size-copyDie Cast 3D Crystal Special Features

How Are Die Struck Lapel Pins Manufactured?

Die struck pins begin as a simple sheet of metal plating in the color of your choice. A custom die is created for your design then stamped onto the metal. This leaves an impression on the sheet. To bring out the details of your die struck lapel pins, the recessed areas are sandblasted to give contrast. Then, if you desire, the pins are polished to a high luster.

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