Marketing Your Business Using Themed Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

It is always important to take advantage of major events such as Halloween, Christmas and Independence Day by marketing to your customers. Many businesses need the extra revenue generated on these special days to balance out quieter times of the year. One effective way to improve your branding and inspire customer loyalty is to take advantage of themed <a href=”“>lapel pins</a>.

Match the Occasion

It is important to get the right balance in trying to advertise your business or product and become part of the special occasion. When properly produced they are not looked on as advertising and are shown, worn and discussed not because of having your name on them but because of the occasion they are linked to and the impressive look of the pin.

Build A Following

While not everyone will be impressed by themed lapel pins many people will and by building a strong core of loyal customers that have a special connection to your business and products you are cementing a strong base for your businesses continued success. When you have a series of themed pins then you have a very low cost way of improving your businesses image and attracting people that will then wear, talk about and encourage others to also obtain pins from your business.

Include Employees

A great way to build buzz is to make sure that your next pin is worn by your employees before they are due for release. They are showing off the pin and encouraging people that are interested by the pin promotion to come back during the period that they are available to customers. Your employees have the prestige of always having your next pin first and get to keep what will more than likely become a sort after item when they are no longer available.

Yearly Versions

One easy way to help build up a tradition linking the special day and your business is to produce yearly version of the pin. While it is cheaper to use the same design every year making small changes like a year number and a color change can be done at very low additional cost. It makes the entire process of customers waiting to see the staff wearing the pins and identifying differences part of the buildup of getting their pins.

Collector’s Items

High quality metal based theme lapel pins are common collector’s items and many people wear and treat them in the same way as jewelry. You can encourage this by keeping supply somewhat limited and encouraging people to wear them by giving wearers discounts and free extras.