What to Look For In a Quality Lapel Pin Manufacturer

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You might be quite surprised just how many lapel pin manufacturers there are and this means that you are likely to have many choices that are close enough to ship to you fast when you choose to make an order. The reason that there are so many choices is because the equipment is relatively inexpensive and once a design is finalized they can be manufactured in large numbers at low cost.

What Goes Into A Lapel Pin?

There are many different styles that are made in different ways but metal such as bronze, copper or iron make up the base of many styles. Metal lapel pins can then be plated in gold, silver or bronze to give a lustrous finish that looks fabulous. Colors, enamel coatings and epoxy finishes can all be added for a colorful design that looks great.

Types of Lapel Pins

A die struck pin is the classic style of lapel pin that most people are familiar with. The cloisonné pin uses a die struck base that has color added which is then sealed with a high temperature enamel firing process. A popular cheaper alternative are enamel pins that have a virtually unlimited range of sizes and colors that can be completely customized. There are variations on each style bust most lapel pin manufacturers will be able to take your specifications and quickly turn out pins that are then delivered to you.

Lapel Pin Costs

The most expensive part of the process is designing the pin and setting up the appropriate machines. This is why no matter the style the more pins ordered the more the cost per pin is reduced. Enamel pins are the cheapest to make while a die stamped basic pins is slightly more expensive. Options like using copper instead of iron and using silver or gold plating all increase costs. The most expensive and most impressive pins are cloisonné pins that are very popular with collectors.

Stock Designs

If you are looking for a simple functional design then you might consider enquiring about stock designs that the lapel pin manufacturer has on hand. They are generally able to be sent straight away and have common generic styles. The manufacture produces them in vast quantities so they are great option if you have a very tight budget.