Give Your Business a Great Boost with Custom Badges

In Blog by Michael

Badges are used by many businesses to identify staff and to display a staff members name or position to make them more accessible to customers. These basic badges are being gradually replaced by custom badges that offer many advantages over a standard badge or name tag.


A great advantage of this type of badge is the use of logos in the design to increase the branding. Every time a staff member interacts with a customer the customer sees your brand. The more often that a person sees your businesses branding the more likely that they are to remember it. When they need an item your business will be the first that comes to mind giving you a competitive advantage.


If your business deals with confidential information, financial transaction or needs to identify staff member to control access then a quality custom badge that includes identity information is something to consider. They can be designed to work with security systems such as magnetic card readers and RFID tags. You can also include a photograph and other information that will enable security to be sure of an employee’s identity.

Make a Statement

When you decide to create a custom badge you can make a bold statement that your employees will be proud to show off and potential customers will be drawn to. You have the full range of colors available to use so you can match company colors or create a theme design to match an advertising campaign or product.

Affordable Prices

Modern manufacturing techniques mean that badges can be produced quickly and efficiently lowering the overall price. Even if you only need a small number of badges the cost is affordable and the turnaround time quick so you will have the badges in your hands shortly after you order them. The more badges that you order the cheaper the price is for each badge. This is because the setup costs are spread over more badges so the overall price is lower.

It can be advantageous to order a larger quantity that will take care of your businesses needs for a significant period of time. If you intend to change badge designs regularly to match marketing campaigns and product launches then only ordering the exact quantity of custom badges is the best way to go.