Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts with Custom Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

The need to fundraise to support an organization, community group or religious organization means that there is great competition for every dollar that a person gives. The increase in the professionalism of many groups and the introduction of third party fundraising businesses has meant that everyone that wants to raise funds needs to think more creatively on the best way to build loyalty as well as maximize the amount raised while minimizing the costs.

Special Lapel Pins

One of the best fundraising ideas is the use of custom lapel pins because they not only look great but can also identify your group keeping them in the mind of everyone that sees a donor wearing a pin. They are very inexpensive when ordered direct from that manufacturer and because they are custom manufactured you can quickly change the design to add exclusivity to each fundraising activity.

Donation Levels

You might like to offer different pins for different donation levels and this can be as simple to organize as having a bronze, silver and gold plated version produced. There will be a small additional cost in the lower volume versions because there are less made and the plating material is more expensive. The exclusivity of the gold and silver level styles ensures that they are proudly displayed by their owners encouraging others to also donate.

Encourage Lapel Pin Collectors

Pins are very collectable and by carefully choosing high quality styles as part of your fundraising arsenal you make them collectable for everyone in your community as a keepsake. This then makes your items much more valuable to collectors generally and many organization find that there pins have become the targets of the wider collecting community enhancing fundraising opportunities and raising their profile.

Partnering With Businesses

A great way to make your pins much more sort after is to integrate wearing your custom lapel pins with discounts and offers from local businesses. Many businesses have very limited free cash to make donations but by becoming a marketing partner they get more customers and your pins are seen as very valuable because the business or businesses partnering give the wearers discounts. Even a small discount off a burger or an upgrade to a larger drink can lead to a huge increase in donations and more customers for your partner organizations.