Enhance Camaraderie and Loyalty with Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

The use of lapel pins has become very widespread and is used to help show a person’s support for an idea, institution or cause. When they wear a pin they both show others that they believe in the subject of the pin and also publicize the subject of the pin at the same time.

Belonging To a Group

We all like to belong and when we wear a pin then we show that we belong to a specific group. This might be a political group, a social group, a charitable group or a business. Encouraging the people in your group to wear a pin that gives them an increased feeling of being part of something larger than themselves and this leads to people that are happier and more loyal to the group.


When a pin is available whether it is free, given as part of a membership or donation or bought it is then worn to show support for that organization. This is a reason that many charity groups and sporting organizations have adopted lapel pins as a great way to raise money and also raise their profile with their supporters becoming walking advertisements. Because more than one pin can be worn at a time many people like to wear an appropriate pin for an occasion such as when their team is playing or when a regular charity event or memorial day comes around.


The usefulness of pins as a marketing tool has blossomed as collecting pins becomes much more widespread and the wearing of pins is encouraged because of the number of celebrities wearing them. Charities actively recruit celebrities, political leaders and well known personalities to wear their pins because it hugely increases the publicity and fundraising opportunities. Businesses can also use pins to increase brand recognition, reward employees and customers as well as part of a discount campaign.

Low Cost

The latest computerized machinery allows the process of making pins to be automated dropping costs to levels that now make it affordable to individuals and small businesses. The more that are ordered the lower the price that each lapel pin costs. The design process is simple and you can finalize the design, create an order, pay the bill and arrange delivery online making it fast and efficient.