Create Your Own Custom Patch and Raise Your Profile

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The things that we wear say a lot about us as a person and one of the ways that we can show pride in a something or support for a cause is by wearing a patch. The latest technology has brought the ability to produce high quality custom patches of virtually any size and shape down to a price point that anyone can afford. You can be as creative as you want and see mirrored in a high quality patch that you can then place onto a uniform, jacket, shirt or dress.


A great way to enhance a marketing campaign is attaching a patch that features your company, product or organization to a jacket or shirt. They can be worn by staff, given away to customers or used as prizes. The bonus is that they are going to be worn by the people that have them showing of the patch. This generates interest in a way that is not accessible with traditional marketing campaigns.


Patches have long been used as part of fundraising campaigns particularly by sporting clubs and school sports teams. When you have access to custom patches then you can build support in the team by offering them to friends, family members and supports as a great way to raise funds. The low cost of bulk purchased patches and their perceived high value makes them a great item to use.

Choice of Attachment Methods

Patches have traditionally been sewn onto clothing and many patches are still produced so that they can be sewn onto the required piece of clothing. You might want to make more convenient to attach by specifying an iron back style which allows a patch to be applied simply by using a hot iron. This melts the impregnated bottom layer of the patch adhering it to the piece of clothing quickly and securely.

The final attachment method is by using Velcro which allows the custom patch to be easily removed when not needed. A Velcro section is applied to the back of the patch and a matching piece is attached to the piece of the clothing. This allows the patch to be kept in top condition longer and it also means that the same piece of clothing can have multiple patches.