Have You Considered Custom Badges For Your Business?

In Blog by Michael

The use of custom badges can be a great way for any business to advertise and identify your organization. The shape, style and information displayed can be fully customized to best fit in with your needs.

Identifying Your Personnel and Your Business

The use of badges in many businesses is common with name badges being the most common style used. A custom design lets you make a greater impact identifying staff members and also advertising your business to customers at the same time. You can have different designs for each employee’s job area making them easier to identify to everyone.

Increasing Security

When all employees have easy to see badges that identify them then it is very easy to ensure that sensitive areas of your business are kept secure. This means that unauthorized people are quickly identified and removed from dangerous areas or places that they should not be in. It is particularly effective in locations where there is no easy to identify uniform that staff members need to wear.

Badge Styles

The ability to change every part of the badges design gives you the freedom to include your logo or even to use your logo’s shape as the basis for the badge. Colors can be used as needed and there are also options for metallic finishes, which can add a high class look to a badges design. Size is also completely adjustable with smaller discrete styles and large eye catching styles easily customized.

Choice of Fastenings

Depending on the size shape and availability there are generally three types of commonly used fastenings available for custom badges. The first is the tried and trusted pin style that has been around for as long as badges have. They are simple and effective but can damage the clothing they are used on.

Clips have become increasingly popular but require an attachment point such as a pocket, flap or epaulette. One of the newest styles of attachment is magnets where a badge has a small magnet on the back which is matched by a separate small magnet section that is placed on the inside of the clothing. It works very well and allows a non destructive way to use a custom badge on any piece of clothing.