Why You Should Consider Custom Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

When you are looking for a great promotional tool for your business, organization or club then custom designed lapel pins allow you to make a great item that you can use to enhance the local communities recognition of you. They are the ideal way to build interest and to create buzz and because they are worn everyone that supports you also encourages others by wearing their pin and talking about them.

You Can Design Them

Modern technology has enabled pin production to be automated lowering costs and making it possible for even complicated designs to be made quickly and cheaply. While each type of pin has certain limitations in almost all cases your design can be faithfully copied and reproduced in batches of any size.


One of the best uses for custom lapel pins is in fundraising because charities, schools and sports teams can offer pins to their donors as a reward. This not only encourages them to donate but also becomes a symbol that they can wear to support your organization that will also be seen by others and then encourage them to also donate. Many pin designs allow you to choose the plating so you can also have a bronze plated pin for one level of donors, silver plated pins for higher donors and gold pins for major contributors and fundraisers that bring in significant contributions.


A business can take advantage of the great marketing opportunity the pins create. They can advertise them before they are released and then use them to drive sales. A great way to encourage customer loyalty is to give pin holders special discounts or free items that not only bring them back to your business but also give them a reason to wear your pin regularly enhancing your brand.

Commemorative Pins

One of the best uses of custom lapel pins is in commemorating an event or a milestone. They can be used as a reward for achievements by employees or given to customers that are important to your business. When you have completed a significant project then commemorative pins are a great way to celebrate the event. They can be a valued item that is not expensive to produce so even for a modest investment they enhance your reputation and tie your business to your partner organizations.