Boost Your Fundraising by Using Exclusive Lapel Pins

In Blog by Michael

There are a lot of fundraising efforts taking place and each worthy cause is competing with tens or hundreds of other organizations trying to convince people that they should spend their hard earned money in support of their cause. A lapel pin is an effective way to both encourage donations and to raise your organizations profile.

You might ask yourself why Lapel Pins would make so much difference to a person’s decision to give your organization money. Here are some of the most common reasons that pins can make a major difference to a person’s perception of giving to charity:

  • They Are Getting Something In Return For Their Money: You might think it that giving is its own reward but many studies have shown that an item such as a pin offered to people in exchange for a donation not only increases the amount given but on the percentage of people that decide to give.
  • Identifies Them as Donors: A pin given to people that donate to your organization identifies them to other people. This helps your organization because it encourages others to donate and to enquire what the donor has the pin.
  • Is Low Cost: These items can be custom manufactured at very low cost in only moderate amounts. They can be purchased in bulk and then regularly used during organized funding activities and also given to donors that subscribe to newsletters.
  • Enhancing Your Brand: Yes it is vital that your organization create and work at increasing the visibility of your brand. The competition is fierce and this simple marketing technique maximizes the amount of funds you obtain and lowers the cost of obtaining them meaning your organization will have more money to allocate to do your much needed work.

It is very easy to get started and even small orders that can allow you to test the market have a very low per unit price. They are very popular at the moment with celebrities and politicians always ensuring they have at least one Lapel Pin on display. Give them a try and build your organizations visibility while making your hard working collectors jobs easier at the same time.