Why You Should Consider Custom Lapel Pins

When you are looking for a great promotional tool for your business, organization or club then custom designed lapel pins allow you to make a great item that you can use to enhance the local communities recognition of you. They are the ideal way to build interest and to create buzz and because they are worn everyone that supports you also … Read More

Make a Great Look Using Custom Belt Buckles

There has been a huge comeback of the humble belt buckle lead by the country music scene that has now spilled over to all areas. One of the great things about this resurgence is that companies have emerged that are producing affordable custom belt buckles that you can now take advantage off. You can create your own special design and have … Read More

Create Your Own Custom Patch and Raise Your Profile

  The things that we wear say a lot about us as a person and one of the ways that we can show pride in a something or support for a cause is by wearing a patch. The latest technology has brought the ability to produce high quality custom patches of virtually any size and shape down to a price point … Read More

Give Your Business a Great Boost with Custom Badges

Badges are used by many businesses to identify staff and to display a staff members name or position to make them more accessible to customers. These basic badges are being gradually replaced by custom badges that offer many advantages over a standard badge or name tag. Branding A great advantage of this type of badge is the use of logos in … Read More

Top Tips on Obtaining Quality Lapel Pins at the Right Price

When you are looking to purchase quality lapel pins to celebrate a special event, help market your business or as a great fundraising opportunity it is important to go about the process in a systematic way to get the best results. Here are some great tips that you can follow to make the whole process easier. Get Your Pin Idea Finalized … Read More

Enhance Camaraderie and Loyalty with Lapel Pins

The use of lapel pins has become very widespread and is used to help show a person’s support for an idea, institution or cause. When they wear a pin they both show others that they believe in the subject of the pin and also publicize the subject of the pin at the same time. Belonging To a Group We all … Read More

Understanding How a Lapel Pin is made

You might not realize that the humble lapel pin or its predecessors have been around for thousands of years and were handcrafted and often worn as jewelry. The modern pin is manufactured with high speed computerized machines that can quickly produce hundreds or even thousands of pins. There are many different styles with classic metal types and more modern enamel … Read More

Enhance Your Fundraising Efforts with Custom Lapel Pins

The need to fundraise to support an organization, community group or religious organization means that there is great competition for every dollar that a person gives. The increase in the professionalism of many groups and the introduction of third party fundraising businesses has meant that everyone that wants to raise funds needs to think more creatively on the best way … Read More

Create a Different Look When Using Custom Belt Buckles

The use of custom belt buckles has become a growing fashion that organizations and individuals are taking advantage of to show off their style as well as identify themselves as part of a group. It has become much more affordable so many groups from small businesses to sporting organizations are including them as part of their standard uniform. You Might … Read More

Using Custom Patches With Your Business or Organization

When you are looking for an effective way to identify your staff, enhance your brand awareness and keep cost down then custom patches can be a good looking way to create the right look for your organization. They are popular with businesses, sports clubs, service organizations and groups so choosing the right patch and the best company to make them for … Read More

What to Look For In a Quality Lapel Pin Manufacturer

You might be quite surprised just how many lapel pin manufacturers there are and this means that you are likely to have many choices that are close enough to ship to you fast when you choose to make an order. The reason that there are so many choices is because the equipment is relatively inexpensive and once a design is finalized … Read More

Have You Considered Custom Badges For Your Business?

The use of custom badges can be a great way for any business to advertise and identify your organization. The shape, style and information displayed can be fully customized to best fit in with your needs. Identifying Your Personnel and Your Business The use of badges in many businesses is common with name badges being the most common style used. A … Read More

Marketing Your Business Using Themed Lapel Pins

It is always important to take advantage of major events such as Halloween, Christmas and Independence Day by marketing to your customers. Many businesses need the extra revenue generated on these special days to balance out quieter times of the year. One effective way to improve your branding and inspire customer loyalty is to take advantage of themed <a href=”http://www.superiorcustompins.com/“>lapel … Read More

Understanding the Options When Choosing Custom Lapel Pins

You will see them everywhere today and the popularity of custom lapel pins make them the ideal way to celebrate a special day, a major achievement or to build interest in your business’s or organization’s logo. There are many different styles and types of pins that you can use so understanding what each type means will make sure you chose the … Read More

Use Quality Lapel Pins as A Way to Celebrate an Occasion

There are great events that we all celebrate professionally and socially that can be remembered by including a great memento that will be treasured and kept. A simple and elegant way to enhance these events is to include quality lapel pins so that they will be able to keep them as a welcome reminder of this great occasion. Celebrate Employee Milestones … Read More

Boost Your Fundraising by Using Exclusive Lapel Pins

There are a lot of fundraising efforts taking place and each worthy cause is competing with tens or hundreds of other organizations trying to convince people that they should spend their hard earned money in support of their cause. A lapel pin is an effective way to both encourage donations and to raise your organizations profile. You might ask yourself why … Read More

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