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“I loved collecting pins, and it was something that created cohesion and unity…something that was symbolic and you can hold it in your hand. Powerful sentiments are carried in pins!” – Trace

Superior Custom Pins emerged when the founder’s vision for the company exceeded the scope of the small pin business he was currently operating.

Trace, the founder, came to learn that pins embellished individuals with a high level of positivity and empowerment because they primarily signified an accomplishment or showcased a supportive togetherness.

Trace saw how valuable pin programs could be within businesses and organizations, and he wanted to help companies enhance workplace culture, employee relationships, and other similar attributes.

Sharing this vision was Trace’s lifelong friend, Kate—who served nine years in the Air Force and was no stranger to pin ceremonies and pin prestige—and she became the co-founder. Superior Custom Pins began its venture to provide exceptional products, insightful education on pin programs, and practical solutions to boosting workplace morale and business culture.

So, why pins?

Lapel pins are in a category of their own when it comes to merchandise, jewelry, awards, or other labels they fall into. Compared to other products, they have more of a story behind them––like representing individual accomplishments or a collective support––and they are always worn with intention.

Think about it—colleges and universities award pins to the graduating class | “receiving your wings” is a high honor in the military that is recognized with a prestigious wing pin | healthcare workers display their united support with a variety of awareness pins.

Why do companies use pin programs to award and recognize success?

Because their employees see attainable goals, well-defined milestones to reach, motivation increases, productivity increases––all of these factors and more.

Employees that are recognized for their accomplishment are more fulfilled and empowered in their workplace, which results in better performance. A company thrives when employees and teams are motivated and empowered to reach new heights.

Small emblems, BIG impact.

To see employees empowered, fulfilled, and successful throughout all workplace demographics—and to facilitate ways for businesses to take charge of this cause within their own company. We believe employee recognition is key to a company’s own success, and we seek to educate businesses on why implementing pin programs is an effective approach with a high ROI.

By delivering exceptional products, service, and pin insight, we hope to build long-term relationships with our clients and hear their success stories.

Spend pennies on pins, expand your brand.

Merchandise-giveaways are a great way to boost your brand awareness. Choosing pins over other merchandise options creates a lasting impression that pays off. Why? Free cozies and lanyards are cool for a weekend or so, but a custom logo pin isn’t going to be tossed in a junk drawer or discarded.

Some success stories from our clients:

“The order was excellent and the whole process went smoothly. From quote, design, manufacture and delivery, I could not have been more happy. Thanks again for your help.”

P. Mayer – Los Angeles, CA