Quality you can see and feel.


Premium Metal

Purified metal poured over our custom molding templates and cooled to a durable brilliance.


Laser-Cut Precision

Advanced cutting technology using nano-laser to achieve the cleanest cuts.


Vibrant Color Enamel

Raised edges and concave areas individually filled with dyed enamel to achieve the pristine color profile.


Exceptional Finish

Kiln-Fired to perfection, glazed with protective epoxy (*most pin styles), and polished to a pristine look.

Create a full line of custom merchandise.

Great for special events, marketing packages, conferences, game days, nonprofits, and more.

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5 Reasons People Love Souvenir Pins

The use of souvenir pins has evolved over time. They mark important occasions and events. Some people want to take souvenirs home as a reminder. Ideally, it’s something for reminiscing about their fantastic experiences.

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5 Ways Lapel Pins Increase Employee Morale

Depending on your company, you can reward employees with lapel pins for any length of time. Mostly, companies create pins for every five or ten years. This makes employees feel treasured and valued.

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How Are Challenge Coins Made

Challenge coins have an intriguing history. Previously, they were used to reward military men for their various accomplishments. As small tokens of appreciation for acts of accomplishments, they did a great deal and were adopted with much wider recognition.

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